Civil Rights Observer’s comment on the 2019 US Country Report on Human Rights Practices on China

“The worsening of the human rights situation in Hong Kong may affect the relationship and trade policy between the United States and Hong Kong. The US government is required to submit Country Report to the U.S. Congress for consideration in accordance with the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and the Trade Act of 1974,” said Icarus Wong, spokesperson of Civil Rights Observer.

The US govt report highlights the significant deterioration in human rights and the suppression of political participation in Hong Kong, including the denial of candidacy in elections and the disqualification of elected lawmakers. The report also identifies human right violations which are prohibited under international human rights law, for example the use of excessive force against civilians, arbitrary arrests, violence and threats on arrestees who are under police custody. The report also points out the Hong Kong Government’s refusal to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate the alleged police brutality, and the lack of an effective mechanism to handle complaints against the police.



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